Are you with me? Here’s what I’m doing…

Getting to Nicaragua to Make a +Difference Globally!

My goal in life is to build my dreams by helping others build theirs. I want to travel and make a positive dent on the world. I love people and I love bringing out the best in them. I want to inspire, innovate and make a differenceI want to lift people up. I want to surround myself with other aspiring and highly motivated young helpers & innovators that can heighten my evolution and growth as a person and together collaborate on ways to better this place.

^If this sorta stuff interests you


Personal Care Assistant

– I live with Jamey. He’s He has Cerebral Palsy and he’s a top competitor for my list of best “broo-mates”



– I founded my first startup. A mobile social network that lets you share what you’re up to and keep tabs on your friends. There’s no liking, no commenting or sharing. A fast way to stay connected w/ out connecting.



– Life hacking, life coaching, peer mentoring, or whatever you want to call it. I help people  to zone in on their passions, find their core values, and enable them to pursue the life they’ve always dreamed of.



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