Bucket List

Watch the Aurora Borealis

Visit Adriatic Sea

Change 1 person’s life completely. (for the better)

Visit the Grand Canyon with my Mom

Roadtrip with my dog and journal it

Wake up and write a blog post from an oceanview balcony with the Caribbean breeze on my face

Speak fluent in a different langauge (italian maybe)

Memorize 5 awesome latin sayings. in latin.

Spend a night at Hotel Mastroneni in Croatia.

Sky Dive

Rock Climb

Write for Under30

Cliff Jump

Take my little siblings w.h.e.r.e.v.e.r they want to go on their 21st birthdays.

Buy my dad a Corvette (stingray 73′)

Speak at a conference

Pay for a kid’s college education (if that route will further his/her dreams)

Have a Cerveza w/ Matt Wilson and Marcella Chamorro

Kiss a girl on the beach in the Caribbean

Walk down narrow alleyways in italy dressed to impress, with a cane

Drive the road to Hana in Hawaii

Play college hockey

Surf in Nicaragua

Go to Alaska

Speak at an elementary school

Live with my best friends

See Niagara Falls

Visit and stay with someone from a different country

Learn a new culture

Visit Yellowstone National Park

See the Redwood Forest

Hit the West Coast

Go to Europe

Stand up Paddleboard to the sunset

See lava in real life