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Today’s Story September 12th, 2013

I want to write because I want to write. Plain and simple. Words help me get my emotions out. Their like a gateway. A gateway to my ocean of feelings. (I figured, if the rest of this post and all the others are going to be deep, honest, and in tune, than the least I can do is start writing all the words that spew outta my mouth **heart, no matter how cliché my feelings/words may be.)

With that sad, I wanted to try a few things. I wanted to try to write down stuff I learned for the day. I wanted to try and write down things that made me feel good, things I did for other people, things I did for myself, and I knew it would bode well, for tonight. But I realized that, I wanted to write these things because this is how I’m feeling right now. Tomorrow night I may want to write about something totally different. Or nothing at all. But that’s okay.

Because, I’m here to write because I want to. Because I want to. I was trying to force out a blog earlier on hard work and why I think we as a society need to change the perception and understanding of this term. I wanted to stress my feelings on this term because I think handwork is a good thing. I think the problem is that we think handwork is tiresome, we assume it is tough, and anything tiresome and tough cannot be fun or enjoyable right? If somethings not fun or enjoyable then how the hell can we be amped about it?

Work isn’t fun. Work is tiresome. But if you’re reading this, than you know that “work” can be fun, it can be awesome, it can be exhilarating and sheer elation, to say the least. As long as your doing something you love.

We as entrepreneurs, we as life hackers, go-getters, adventurers, non-conformists, bad-asses are hear to prove to everyone, the world, and ourselves, that work and play can go hand and hand happily. It’s okay to do things you love. You should do things you love. You are here for a reason. Find out what that reason is. Let your life be an exploration, a complete perpetual search for yourself, your talents, your passions and your dreams. Let these passions and dreams steer you one way to the next always chasing what we all long for, happiness.

Because when you’re trying to make a better “you”, you’re making a better world.

The world’s a big place. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot do. Let’s start somewhere. Let’s start where we are, right now.  Let’s start running this world a little differently. Let’s take life at a different pace. Let’s treat it like trail running where we can fly aimlessly through a foreign woods, side stepping road blocks, jumping over obstacles, and stopping whenever we please to take in all the beauty around us and absorb the world at its finest. Let’s walk up hill and sprint down, because it’s more efficient to save your energy. Let’s take the tough parts in strides, let’s do it with a partner, let’s do it alone, there’s always plusses and minuses to everything, so let’s just do what feels right.

I’ve had trouble identifying what feels right in my life lately. I tried getting up early, I tried going to bed late, I tried eating dinner with others, I tried enjoying some solitude.

What I’ve found is not what I expected, but what I already knew.

I like different things.

I like different ways.

Some days I enjoy some things, and other days I don’t. I can’t make a plan about it, because I lose the passion for the plan too soon after its made, because my passions change, I change, everything changes.

So I decided just to write tonight. To not list out what I’m doing or for how long I’m doing it, but to just do it, because it feels right. Because I like my emotions on the page. Because it makes me feel right. It makes me feel at peace.